During the first phases of the planning process we asked the public to describe their broad vision for the future, identify goals to achieve that vision, and select specific policies and actions that the county should work on over the next 20 years. Using that information, the county has created the draft Comprehensive Plan. 

We are asking the public for feedback on the draft Plan. This site contains the Phase 4 Activities for the Comprehensive Plan for people who live, work, own property, or go to school in Buncombe County. The information collected in these activities will help Buncombe County determine whether the Plan represents the desires identified by the community. This is the final step before the Plan is presented to the County Commissioners for adoption. For more information about the Comprehensive Plan and what we've done so far, visit


  • There are five sections, to these activities which will allow you to review the Vision Themes, Goals, Policies, Map, and Actions in the draft Plan. Click the continue button after each section, and use the Submit button on the last page to complete the activities.
  • The full version of the draft plan will be available on the County website at the following link: Draft Comprehensive Plan
  • Deadline to complete the activities is February 13, 2023. 
  • You can also print a paper poll from the link below, or pick up a copy at at any Buncombe County library:


Want to view the live Phase 4 Activities results as we continue to get public input? Click to view:

Question title

What is your age?

Under 18
Over 75
Prefer not to answer
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What is your race/ethnicity?

Black or African-American
Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish
American Indian or Alaska Native
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
I prefer not to answer
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Question title

Do you live, work, own property, or go to school in Buncombe County? (Select all that apply.)

I live in Buncombe County
I work in Buncombe County
I go to school in Buncombe County
I own property in Buncombe County
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Question title

Did you take the 1st or 2nd Comprehensive Plan Activities in the last year of the planning process?

Yes, I took a prior poll.
No, this is my first poll.
I'm not sure
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What is the zip code of the area where you live?