Buncombe County Tax and Assessment Current Homepage

Watch the video below to see what it is like looking for bills and paying taxes on the current website.

Buncombe County Tax and Assessment Homepage Model

Key features of the homepage, shown below, include a universal search. Universal search elements allow users to search for their property using many terms including property address, owner name, pin, or bill number. This feature will allow users to quickly find their property pages. Additionally, the homepage will feature the most critical pages for most users. 

Draft Tax/Assessment Homepage



Property Detail Page Model

Currently, our user data shows that property owners spend a lot of time navigating between property details and reading PDF's of their tax bills. Then, users must navigate to https://tax.buncombecounty.org/  to pay tax bills.


The new property details page, shown below, will be a one-stop-shop dashboard for property owners to view property cards, see relevant bills, and pay bills all from one page. Addtionally, the new property details page will also connect users to Discover Buncombe​ for information about schools, parks, crime, and neighborhoods. 


Draft Property Owner Assessment/Tax Page

Question title

Which of these website features are most important to you? (check all that apply)

ability to link directly to my tax bill from my property
ability to pay my tax bill directly from the bill view
ability to view my property card with information about my property sales, tax value, foot print, etc.
easier navigation features that increase efficiency
link to Discover Buncombe (lists nearby parks, schools, crime, etc.)
dashboard design that puts all relevant information about a property on one page
information about tax exemptions and reductions
contact information for the Buncombe County Tax Department
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Question title

After viewing the design models for the new Buncombe County Tax website, what additional feature(s) would you like to see?

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Question title

After viewing the design model for the new Buncombe County Tax website, what questions do you have?

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