INTRODUCTION: Buncombe County government is creating its first 20 year Comprehensive Plan. This plan is a document created by local governments to identify the community's vision for the future. It will help guide decisions about how to spend money, what priorities to focus on, how and where to provide services, and what local laws to make. These decisions can impact how a community changes over time. You can learn more about the planning process and what it includes on our website:

This is a long range plan, so ideas from youth about what the community should be like are especially important. In addition to this activity kit, Buncombe County students are invited to participate in any of the upcoming meetings that the County will be hosting. Students will watch a short video to learn more about the Comprehensive Plan, have group discussions about the issues facing their community, and take an online survey. 


This kit is designed for middle, high, and college students in Buncombe County, including those living in towns or the city. Students will need access to the internet to complete the poll. A paper version is available as well. 

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Friday, March 18, 2022


  1. VIDEO: Watch the 'What is a Comprehensive Plan' video
  2. DISCUSSION: Get into small groups and use the question sheet under 'Documents' to help guide you
  3. POLL: Each student fills out the online poll to tell us what their ideas are
  4. (OPTIONAL) Include any of the additional activities from the list at the end of this page


Postcard City Activity: Students work individually, in groups, and then as a class to draw what they want the community to be like in the future.  Get the activity

Ask a Planner: County Planning staff can visit your classroom in-person or by ZOOM video conference to answer questions about the Comprehensive Plan and why it's important! You can also email us your student's questions at and we will provide a written response. 

Attend an in-person or virtual meeting: Students are invited to participate in any of the upcoming public input meetings. Meetings begin the week of January 10 and are located all around the County. There will also be virtual and self-paced options to attend. A special youth-focused meeting is on January 13 at 6pm. See events calendar.

Kids Drawing Project: (Geared towards younger kids) Students can draw a picture of what they want the future to look like by downloading the Kids Postcard Project